Thursday, 9 December 2010

Additional Information

When drawing the topology on my head I realised that I would have a lot of edges flowing down the back of the head. This would increase the poly count and take extra memory.
To minimise the amount of needless polys I used a more advanced modelling where you create nodes. A node is a vert with usually 3 or 5 edges running from it.
As you can see in the picture, four edges run up from the brow. Using two nodes, these are changed into 2 edges.

This is a good technique because it keeps goof modelling practice for edge flow and four sided polys.

Also in the render pictures I have provided, the skin looks slightly pale and monotonal. This is due to the lighting I have used.

The extra animation I have done included modelling the teeth and skinning the head to a biped. I created a morpher for the eyes blinking, jaw moving and 6 mouth shapes.
I then lip synched the mouth to accuratley mimic my voice whilst blinking, moving the jaw and rocking the head.

When creating the texture for my face, I used my reference images. I am unfortunate in this case that I do not have any major blemishes on my skin that can be noticed. However, I do have a very faint birth mark on the right side of my nose I managed to put in.

I chose not to put my whole picture of my nose on the texture because this is not true to real life. The skin inside the nostril is not dark like it looks in the picture but flesh coloured. The skin only looks dark because it is in shadow. I have achieved the same result by keeping the skin tone consistent here.
I have however included the dark patches around the side of the nostril.

All of this is showin in the picture below.

I also spent a lot of time positioning the ear on my texture. As well as my scar on my right eyebrow and the hair on my face. All of this can be seen in more deail in the large picture provided.

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